Prefects 2016





Germany Exchange Students 2016  



History of Germany Exchange Program

Gelvan High started with partnership in 2010 during Soccer World cup with Helene Lange Schule in Oldenburg. A girls soccer team went in 2011 to Oldenburg, in 2013 Gelvan High again took 12 learners and in 2014 learners from Helene Lange visited Gelvan High. Together they worked on a project for Renewable Energy and completed a substation to consisting of a wind turbine and solar panels at the school that generates energy for the computer labs.
Sanctor High joined the partnership in 2015 and are taking 15 learners to Oldenburg in August 2016. The theme for the next 3 years are ‘High Tech, low cost’ combining recycling with renewable energy.
Total Learners:



Grade 8 – 271 Learners
Grade 9 – 222 Learners
Grade 10 – 236 Learners
Grade 11 – 223 Learners
Grade 12 – 236 Learners

Total 1188