The Origins and History of the School

Sanctor High School opened its doors on 18 January 1993 under the leadership of Mr. RF Jacobs with a complement of 20 teachers and 420 learners in grades 8 and 9. We currently have 1189 learners with 42 educators. The school started operating with one third of the building completed. Building operations would continue for 18 months. This would be the last high school commissioned by the House of Representatives in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth.

The school never received its full quota of furniture and over the years the leadership tried to augment furniture and other resources. No effort was made by the DOE to develop the grounds. The Department of Public Works knew that the building was constructed in area known for deep layers of clay. Before long, the building started to crack and in 2007/2008 the Department of Public Works tried to renovate and fix the major cracks and solve the drainage problem within and around the school.

In spite of these problems the school managed out of its meager resources to fit an industrial roll-up door and erect wall to enclose the “school hall”. Over the years the school operated without the corridors being tiled. The ablution facilities for boys and girls have recently being renovated and tiled as well as the cloak rooms for sporting events. The parking bay for teacher’s cars has been fenced to prevent damage to cars during the school day. The rugby field has been converted to cater for both rugby and soccer because the growth in soccer numbers. In 2015 the school acquired a 16 seater minibus to transport learners to sporting events.

The school was declared a no fee school in 2012 and that brought a few positive changes to the school. Free text books and stationery are now provided to learners by the department. The school is part of the Nutrition programme of the DOE and it was successfully implemented in 2013. Attendance and performance of some learners improved after the introduction of the programme. This also benefited our local business community because they act as suppliers to the scheme. Over the years the school has been well supported by the local business community.

The academic performance of the school has been consistent with high pass rates in all the grades. Educators are well qualified and we have a good ratio of experienced and new teachers who are committed to the course of quality education. Mr. Jacobs retired in December 2011 and Mr. January was appointed in November 2012. Most of the educators that left the school over the years took up senior positions at other schools.