41 Classrooms
Block A 13 Classes, 2 offices and boys and girls toilets
Block B 13 Classes, 1 office and boys and girls toilets
Block C 12 Classes, 3 Science laboratory, 1 Computer laboratory, 1 Kitchen, 1 Library
1 Library
1 Computer laboratory
3 Science Laboratories
1 Staff room
1 Kitchen (Nutrition)
Administration block


The school building is very well maintained. There are a number of cracks in walls because of the clay ground and which the school was erected. They should do have access to running water and are fully electrified. Ablution facilities are sufficient and in working order.
The front of the school are properly fenced back of the school unfortunately does not have fencing. This presents a security risk as anybody can now get onto the school grounds during school hours or after school. This would be our main project for 2016 to fully fence the school.
The roof of the school is in need of serious maintenance nothing major has been done since the building was erected in 1992. The playing ground and sport fields need development. A lack of financial resources has always been a challenge. The rugby field has been adapted to cater for both rugby and soccer. We busy developing a hockey field the ground need some work goal boxes has already been acquired. Ebenezer soccer club also use the facility and assist the school with maintenance. The Department of Correctional Services is also assisting with cutting of grass. We hope to keep this partnership going because it saves us maintenance costs.
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