C O D E  O F  C O N D U C T

It is expected of everyone to
Act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times.
Uphold the good name of the school.
Conduct himself/herself in accordance with the accepted codes and rules.

It is expected of all learners to:

2.1 Be punctual every day. (School starts promptly at 8h00).

2.2 Move about the school in an orderly and purposeful way.

2.3 Listen, follow instructions and facilitate the learning process.

2.4 Keep the school clean and tidy, bearing in mind that cleanliness is next to


2.5 Know that every individual has the right to work and learn without being

disturbed by others.

2.6 Always speak politely.

2.7 Attend school for the entire day.

2.8 Do not leave the premises without permission.

2.9 Never harm or endanger the physical well being of fellow pupils.

2.10 Use the toilet, as far as possible, only before and after intervals.

2.11 Respond promptly to the siren before school and after intervals.

2.12 Do not damage or deface the building or any other property.

2.13 Be neatly attired in the school uniform.

2.14 Be obedient and respectful to all teachers.

2,15 Visitors not to call pupils (private/personal business) during the school periods

e.g. house keys etc.

2.16 Listen carefully and follow instructions and help others.


3.1 Permission must be obtained by secretary to enter administration block.

3.2 Pupils are not allowed to walk through the office block.

3.3 Make an appointment through the secretary to see the principal/deputy


3.4 Dental forms and photocopies after school.

3.5 Use of public telephone after school hours not permitted during class


3.6 Pupils are not allowed in staff room – any request to be made through

kitchen window.

3.7 Pupils are not allowed to use school’s private telephone and are not allowed

to receive private calls – school telephone.


It is expected of all learners to:

Promote harmonious relationships with educators.
Appointments after school regarding learner – principal and staff
after 13h00.

Inform principal/teacher of any learning/medical problem of pupil/s
Any request to be made in writing or telephonically in case of
Written request for permission to be dismissed early is required.
Be present at all meetings and support all activities involving the school.
Feel free to enquirer regarding the academic progress of learner.